Some Citizens of Thunder Lily

1. Dr. R.U. Kind

After earning degrees in music physics and plant psychology from the University of Orion’s Belt, Dr. Kind moved back home to Thunder Lily to open an herbal tea shop where creatures from around the universe gather nightly for Gibberish Karaoke.

2. Matilda Phillips

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Matilda works on the NYSE during the week and spends weekends singing and dancing in various opera and musical theatre productions at Opera di Thunder Lily.

3. Lars Fig

A jazz singer from Amsterdam, Lars vacations near Ghost Bay in Thunder Lily, where he spends lazy days translating ancient texts into gibberish.

4. Porgy Thürston

Porgy first heard about Thunder Lily from her favorite Chicago-based songwriter, Wesley Willis. She had suffered from anxiety for years and was instantly relieved when she stepped onto Thunder Lily’s magical soil. Her vacation home sits atop a gigantic sunflower overlooking Pleasant Mountain.

5. Robert Ross

Originally from Toledo, Ohio, his home is built entirely of popcorn that he cooked himself in a small silver pot. Popcorn is the only rare resource on Thunder Lily, so to support his love for the explosive treat, he works as a Camp Counselor making 5 warm fuzzies an hour at Thunder Lily’s free public retreat center, The Daydream Museum.

6. Percy Jonesy

Born in Cullman, Alabama, Percy won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2024 for his book, “Binary, Non-Binary, Who Gives a Sh**?  Jonesy lives in Australia and visits Thunder Lily every now and then to compete as a professional Kite Surfer.

7. Patricia Stevens

Patricia Stevens was struggling from an opioid addiction in Kuwait, when a friend suggested she visit this mystical world called Thunder Lily. Her first day there was spent conducting the Rainbowland Community Orchestra in a silent arrangement of Chopsticks. “Thunder Lily is the most open space I’ve ever felt.”

8. Dirk Ewen

Dirk cane to consciousness on Pluto, fashioned himself a physical form from drifting dust particles, learned how to teleport to Earth, and has since worked as a chef at every Waffle House in Tennessee. He built himself a vacation home in Thunder Lily on a peach tree farm.

9. Jess Kim

A fashion blogger in Seoul, Ms. Kim spends her holidays and weekends in her infinitely cozy cabin atop Thunder Lily’s highest chocolate mountain.

10. Peter Truck

After winning Russia’s Got Talent for his yodeling “This land is your land,” Peter Truck spent an afternoon on Thunder Lily performing other yodeling covers to a captivated audience of polite chimpanzees. Since then, he’s been skinny dipping nightly in Thunder Lily’s restorative ocean, Pi.

11. George the 4th

Born in 1987, the youngest of a loving leprechaun family in Limerick, Ireland, George the 4th moved to Thunder Lily at the age of 5 to live as a composer. His silent arrangement of Chopsticks is performed universe wide.

12. Prince Albert the 69th

A movie producer from Santiago, Chile, Albert Rio aka “Prince Albert the 69th” is a legend in the 22nd century film world. He attributes his success on Earth to daily trips to Thunder Lily, where he transforms into the body of a Hippopotamus and dances The Nutcracker in the Thunder Lily World Ballet.

13. Molly Chu

A profession basketball player on the Chinese Women’s Olympic Team, Molly Chu inherited an easy to maintain, bountiful passion fruit farm on Thunder Lily from her father, Ah.

14. Rico Budarez

Rico Budarez is a rainbow Panda running at the speed of light. WATCH OUT!

15. Jinky “Junky” Budarez

Jinky “Junky” Budarez is a boredom specialist at the University of Iowa Medical Center. Each early morning from 3am-4am EST on Earth, he visits Thunder Lily and creates “gigantic artistic masterpieces” from junk he sources from around the universe.


16. Billy Bob Soufley


A reformed cyborg monkey, Billy Bob grew up in Alaska and recited the alphabet at two weeks old. She has a vacation home on Thunder Lily made of cottage cheese.

17. Buddha

Buddha visits Thunder Lily once a century to conduct, with his mind, The Utopian Symphony playing the Universe’s symphonic masterpiece “Now.”

18. Kris Kringle

Known more by his stage name, “Santa Claus,” on Earth, Kris spends his summer vacations on Thunder Lily floating on a pleasure cloud above Nude Hill. Since everything is healthy on Thunder Lily, he adheres to a strict diet of Dunkaroos, Gumdrops, and Icelandic-ish Water.

19. Humphrey Dumfrey

While on Thunder Lily, Humphrey Dumfrey sits on an invisible wall all day and night preaching about his breatharian diet.

20. Windy Armstrong

A robot from the JD-344 galaxy, Windy moved to Thunder Lily permanently to open his dream business, a furniture store that supplies every citizen with a free Cotton Candy Couch.

21. Puke Putternut

Puke was born and raised in Thunder Lily by a family of Possibilian Otters. When he turned 13,000 years old, he opened up Thunder Lily Popcorn Supply, the kindest supplier of Thunder Lily’s rarest delicacy.

22. Father Richard Ache

Father Ache was ordained on March 1, 1865, in a small church in Cullman, Alabama. His famous declaration, “Practice what you preach!” became a popular expression on Earth in the late 1800s. Father Ache spends each morning on Thunder Lily swimming laps in the Applesauce Lake, running through the Broccoli Forest, and getting high biking the Jelly Bean Highway.

23. Chance Kizmetson

“Chance, oh, chance, you’re simply the best!” his mother rejoices as Chance serves her a hot plate of chicken pot pie. Chance first learned to cook when he went on a vacation with his mother to Thunder Lily where they traveled by hoverboard collecting recipes at The Universe’s Cookbook Museum in Thunder Lily’s capital, Thunder Lily.

24. Mega Girl

Mega Girl moved to Thunder Lily from the Milky Way galaxy where she bikes along Mushroom Beach selling coffee and baklava mostly to the non-human population visiting there.

25. Timmy Tonga

Timmy Tonga is a 9-time world champion kickboxer born in 2045 in Hamburg, Germany. She is the first female to win both the men’s and women’s championships 9-times. When she vacations to Thunder Lily, she enjoys building playgrounds out of stardust.

26. James Naismith

After founding the game of basketball, James moved to Thunder Lily and built a basketball stadium out of pretzels. He installed a teleportation station in the Visitor’s locker room, so he could recruit talent from across the universe to compete in Thunder Lily Madness.

27. Zebra Cush

Half-dolphin, half-zebra, they worked in retail at TJ Maxx in Sewanee, TN, disguised as a human, until they decided to return to Thunder Lily and continue wandering the planet harvesting wild mushrooms and wild pizza rolls.

28. Dr. Randy Turbulence

Dr. Randy Turbulence was a tv personality and founder of @You’reStupid, a dangerously popular Instagram page that specialized in making fun of others. In 2023, he visited Thunder Lily in an attempt to expand his reach, and was instantly greeted by a luminous rainbow hug that transformed every unloving thought he had into joyful gibberish.